Nick Bullimore Holistic Therapy provide both studio-based and home visit acupressure services in Chatham


Acupressure is based on a Japanese therapy and involves stimulating pressure points in the neck, head, shoulders and lower back. We are able to perform acupressure in our Chatham studio or can complete home visits if you live within 10 miles of Chatham.

Acupressure can be very relaxing and rejuvenating, meaning after the treatment you may not only reel relaxed, but full of positive energy.
During a Reiki treatment, one of our expert therapists will transmit universal energy from their hands to your body and energy system, with the aim of harmonising and balancing your energy.


Many people seek acupressure to help them improve their health and overall general wellbeing. For example, acupressure can help to relax tired muscles and reduce stress. People who suffer from backache, RSI, headaches, anxiety and fatigue often find acupressure very beneficial.

Acupressure is used to relieve a variety of symptoms and pain and is similar to Shiatsu but a more generalised treatment. It can be very effective as a treatment for the management of symptoms common to many health conditions. Acupressure points can also be stimulated to increase energy and feelings of well-being, reduce stress and more.

If you have any specific health concerns, you will be able to discuss them with one of our therapists during your initial consultation.

If you are interested in any of my services, including Shiatsu massage, Reiki and acupressure, do not hesitate to contact me today. I will be more than happy to discuss availability or answer any questions you may have.