Nick Bullimore Holistic Therapy provide holistic and complimentary therapy services in Chatham


Nick Bullimore Holistic Therapy came about while I was practising Martial Arts, Karate and Iaido, something I have been doing for over 25 years. After training for a few years, I started to become aware of ‘Ki’, sometimes pronounced ‘Chi or Qi’. Ki is often translated as spirit, or natural energy common to all living plants and animals. Ki’s function in life is well understood in the martial art world, the actions of which are focused almost entirely on the flow of Ki, keeping the physical body and calm mind in balance.

A friend introduced me to Reiki by giving me a treatment. Realising the benefits, my interest in holistic therapy was sparked. After receiving a series of treatments and realising the positive impact they were having, not only physically but mentally, I started training in Reiki, becoming a Reiki Practitioner in 2009. I trained in Acupressure at the Shiatsu College, Brighton, in 2016. Completing the Shiatsu diploma practitioners course in 2019, and am a member of the Shiatsu society, the largest Shiatsu Professional Association in the UK. From here Nick Bullimore Holistic Therapy has grown and expanded into the reputable business it is today. My knowledge and practice of Martial Arts has given me an understanding of the mechanics of the body and the stresses it comes under. Holistic therapy has given me an understanding of how to help repair the ‘whole body’, both physically and mentally, helping to maintain its natural balance and well-being.

In today’s society many people have a highly pressurised lifestyle which can cause tension, anxiety and worry. This can create physical conditions such as backache, headache, migraine and mental strain. When the mind is disturbed, or we have physical tension, we contract within ourselves causing further physical and mental disorders such as muscle tension, aching limbs, anxiety and fear.

I believe in an holistic approach to the individual. Treat in the moment, whether treating the physical to calm the mind or calming the mind to treat the physical and strengthening Ki to rebalance the physical body, mind and spirit.

Initial consultations start from just £55 and usually last between 50 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes. From there, follow up sessions are £45 and can last anywhere from 45 – 60 minutes. If you book 5 sessions, further discounts are available.

Please give me a call for an appointment.

Shiatsu Massage




If you are interested in any of my services, including Shiatsu massage, Reiki and acupressure, do not hesitate to contact me today. I will be more than happy to discuss availability or answer any questions you may have.